1. Dryer. Check! The Salerni family now has clothes that are clean and dry, without having to hang them outside in the cold, damp February air.  (I did consider it.)

2. Kitchen sink and counter tops. Not yet.  Three more days of hauling dishes to the basement, and I’ll have my new granite counters, my new awesome sink, and my new faucet. And I will love them and kiss them and pet them and call them George. (Anybody old enough to get that Looney Tunes reference?)

3. Line edits and revision. Coming along nicely. I’m on pg 132 and the stack of completed pages is slightly larger than the stack of pages to go. Of course, this is just my first pass. I’ll have to read through it again on the computer to tweak it and make sure all requested revisions have been addressed.  And THEN I’ll load it on my Kindle and read it for flow and pacing and consistency. And THEN I’ll consider whether or not it’s ready to send back to my editor.

Obsession is a harsh task mistress. But I am LOVING the changes and SO excited to see this book take shape. I miss you guys out there in the blogosphere, and I have been reading your blogs when I take breaks, but I’m often a too tired to think of a comment other than “Uhhhhh….”

See you soon!