Yesterday was the first day of Spring. In Pennsylvania, at least, we had a fairly decent day: sunny, and warm enough for a sweatshirt without a coat, but not short sleeves. This is the state of my back yard.

It brings to mind several thoughts, which I can categorize thusly:


The pool and hot tub are closed, and the waterfall over the gold fish pond is shut down. I really missed the hot tub this weekend, with that gorgeous, over-full moon. However, March is tricky in Pennsylvania. A late snowstorm is not out of the question, along with dipping temperatures that can freeze the pipes. So, I’ll have to look forward to hot-tubbing in April.


Ugh! Clearly I didn’t clean out the dead plants in the fall. Bad Dianne-of-the-Past, leaving all that grotty work for Dianne-of-the-Future! There will be lots of gardening in the upcoming weeks for me – unless I can convince Gina to do it. Hmmm … maybe I should consult Tom Sawyer?


The solar panels on the roof are already in full swing. This is an optimal time of year for them – sunny but not too hot. I look forward to the appearance of all my flowering plants, and being surprised by the things I forgot I planted last year. Soon it will be warm enough to sit under the deck and read or write next to the gold fish pond. And in a few months, I’ll enjoy the pool for exercise and floating – which is my favorite brainstorming activity!

I realized today that I can apply these categories to my writing projects as well:

NOT YET: I have two ideas percolating that are not ready to hit (electronic) paper. I need to let them simmer and not try to rush them (lest the pipes freeze?? I’m not sure that metaphor works!).

TO DO: Make some significant progress on my WIP. Is this thing going to fly or sink? I reached 21,000 words before deciding I needed to make some major changes. So I’m heading back to the beginning – rearranging, reconceiving, rewriting. I’m setting a goal to double this word count in the next couple months or just let the idea go.

LOOKING FORWARD: Bright sunny days are coming; I can feel it. I have several completed projects that I hope will blossom this spring or summer. When school lets out, I’ll have more time for writing, more time to visit other people’s blogs. I’m hoping the soothing sound of the waterfall, the intrigue of mysterious fish that appear in my pond, the colorful backdrop of flowers, and the relaxation of the pool will inspire me for many creative weeks.