DSaudHello, all! It’s been awhile since I posted here, and I feel a little guilty about that. Not a lot, though. You see, since I’ve been here last I have:

  • Driven 1800 miles and flown 1550 miles for book events
  • Given 11 large group presentations
  • Conducted 3 writing workshops
  • Delivered 1 keynote address
  • Virtually visited 3 classrooms via Skype

That was all pretty exciting, and more driving than I’ve ever done in my life. Thank heavens for Waze, my new favorite app! I’ve been all over the state of Pennsylvania – southeast, northeast, central, and southwest. The only area of PA I haven’t visited is the northwest. Anybody out in Erie want to invite me your way?

I also went to Georgia to participate in the Tome Student Literary Society’s spring conference as a featured author. It was my first time giving a keynote address, and I loved every minute of it in spite of the fact that I nearly froze to death. Georgia was not as warm as advertised, and I had not packed appropriately! Still, I missed the big snowstorm in Pennsylvania while I was gone. My only worry was how the teenagers back home were handling it. Worriedly, I texted all three girls: How much snow have you gotten?

My answers:

Gabbey: I don’t know. I haven’t measured it.

Gina: Somewhere between 0 and 90 inches.

Marie: I haven’t seen it. I’m still in bed.

If that doesn’t give you the flavor of all three girls’ personalities, I don’t know what will.

All this traveling and presenting was pretty exciting, but what I’m most proud of accomplishing during my blogging hiatus is 56,000 words on a new WIP. I’m within two chapters of completing the manuscript. I hope to wrap up the first draft before the end of this week, and start making a list of needed revisions. My last completed WIP was a terrible mess, and I haven’t been able to force myself to look at since typing THE END back in December. This one, I think, is more successful, and it’s a big relief to have written something I actually like after struggling so much on the last one.

I won’t be returning to my once-a-week blogging schedule, but I hope to be around more often. Good luck to everyone participating in A to Z! AND check out this amazing clock I spotted in the library of Garnet Valley Middle School. Don’t you want one just like it? (Note whose book is at the 8 position! I screamed out loud when I saw it.)

Book Clock