… That is the question.

I want one, of course. Books downloaded instantly … an entire library to carry with me on vacation … I even thought the Kindle would be perfect to use at school because I could load it with all the books I teach in class and have them all in one place.

Except – once I started looking, I discovered that most children’s books are still not available in Kindle. Strike one. I made a list of about twenty books I regularly used in my 5th grade classroom and found only one of them available in the Kindle store. So scratch that idea.

Taking the Kindle on vacation is problematic, too. Strike two. Although you can safely leave your paperback novel on your beach chair on in the ski lodge, it might not be a good idea to leave your Kindle lying around unsupervised. You can also read your book during take-off and landing on an airplane, but not your electronic reader.

That leaves reading at home, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t think the Kindle can handle the type of reading I’ve been doing lately. In the past month, I’ve read only one novel – but five manuscripts. Two of them were my own, which I was editing, and three belonged to other people, which I marked up with editing notes and comments. Then I emailed them back to their owners. In other words, most of the reading I do these days involves interacting with text on a computer – and doing it in a format transferrable to someone else’s computer as a document file.

I know it’s possible to highlight text and make notes on the Kindle, but I don’t think you can transfer the marked-up document back to a computer – can you? How about the Nook? Or the iPad? I’d love to hear from someone who has one of these devices. How compatible are they with your computer?

Unfortunately, no matter how sleek and attractive and just plain cool they are, I don’t need a uni-tasker – a device used only for reading, and only at home, and only for the books available through the Kindle store. I might have to remain Kindle-less.

Thoughts, anyone?