E-galleys of THE EIGHTH DAY were recently released via Edelweiss and NetGalley, and I believe the physical ARCs will be mailed out soon, if they haven’t been already. I started seeing THE EIGHTH DAY appear on To-Read lists on Goodreads tagged with egalley or for review and other similar tags.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I tend to avoid reviews on Goodreads — or at least, that I only read the ones from friends or ones that my husband points out to me as especially good to read.

But that’s not entirely truthful.

I definitely reach that point, after I’ve seen a few reviews and I know what readers, in general, think. But it’s really, really hard to resist stalking the first reviews for a new book. There are 153 text reviews for THE CAGED GRAVES on Goodreads, and I’ve only read only a small percentage of them. But when that first review for THE EIGHTH DAY appears, you can bet I’ll read it. And the second. And the third.

Waiting for them to appear is scary. And it feels even more so this time than for my previous books because the reviewers will be much older than my target audience.

Evangeline, one of the characters in THE EIGHTH DAY, lives only on a secret, hidden day of the week, skipping over 7 days at a time every midnight. This makes for a lonely and unhappy life, but right now I envy her a little. I’d like to skip over some time myself — and land in that future where I already know what people think of the book and I don’t feel compelled to read all the reviews!