We’ve had a mild autumn here in Pennsylvania, with t-shirt and sandals weather continuing all the way through October and into November. There have been cold and rainy days here and there, but even my summer annuals are still blooming.

 flowers in November

My daughter wants to remind us all, though:


Yes, she’s a GOT fan.


I finally finished the first draft of BRANEWORLD during that week when I had all those book events and 600 miles of driving to do. Finished it up in a hotel room, in fact. For some reason, the busier I am, the more enthusiastic my Muse is! I spent about a week planning out revisions, and I’m now a third of the way through Draft 2.

Ah, revisions! SO MUCH BETTER than first drafts.

I also start teaching my adult course, Writing for the Children’s Market, at Delaware County Community College on Thursday. I’m not looking forward to the commute during the height of rush hour traffic (says the woman whose former job was 2 miles from home), but I am looking forward to teaching the class!

I’ll try to keep up with the blog this month, posting on my usual Mondays and Wednesdays and visiting while I can, but I’m WAY more enthusiastic about the second draft of my WIP than I was about the first, so if I seem to be scarce, that’s probably why. I might not be NaNo-ing, but I bet I can get this second draft done before the end of the month. BRANEWORLD is a MG science fiction adventure through multiple-dimensions — The Adjustment Bureau meets The Boy Who Reversed Himself, with a little string theory for kids thrown in.

Sharon MayhewToday, I’ll finish up this post with a shout-out to Sharon K. Mayhew – a blogger many of you might know – who is starting her own freelance editing service. You can check out her website here: The Manuscript Maven. In honor of her launch, Sharon has generously offered free critiques to one winner on each blog announcing her new business. Each winner will have the choice of the first 250 words of a picture book critique/line edits, the first seven pages of a novel critique/line edits or a query critique/line edits.

To enter, simply mention in your comment that you’d like to win a free critique from Sharon. I will randomly choose a winner next Monday, November 17.