The newest in AT&T’s “Let’s see what the kids think” commercials makes me sick. Our friendly AT&T rep sits down with pre-schoolers and asks them if “more is better.” And the darling children proceed to spew the party line, as cutely as possible. “I want more. I want more.”
Does this make anyone besides me want to throw a brick through the television screen?
Greed. Pre-schoolers. Some of the children stammer out their greediness, almost unable to express themselves. This is supposed to be cute — and promote the company in a positive way.
I realize that all advertising strives to reach that greedy part of our inner selves. But this one is just so blatant, so transparent, so insidious. Like they’re training up their future customers. And something about this suited man sitting down with the children in a school setting, where they are supposed to be learning something of value, creeps me out.
What’s next in this series? Coaching babies to say “More!” instead of “Mama?”
Anyone else offended by this advertising campaign? Or is it just me, because I have to teach large groups of children who have been brainwashed into greed and materialism by advertising while I’m trying to teach them to value learning, ethics, and citizenship?