20150305_103651While much of the northeast has been buried in snow all winter, my little corner of southeast Pennsylvania has missed most of the accumulation. Granted, we’ve had cold temperatures, freezing rain, and even “freezing fog,” which was a new one for me! (When I saw the reports of “freezing fog,” I wanted to post on social media that the Llyrs must be responsible. Then I remembered that these evil weather-workers don’t appear until Book 3 in the Eighth Day series, so only my critique partners would get the joke. Oh well.)

Last Thursday, however, our lucky streak ended, and we got a significant snowstorm. My family owns a snow blower, but only my husband knows how to use it, and he was away on business. My daughters and I were home, but we only had 1 snow shovel, 1 pair of snow boots, and 1 decent set of gloves between the three of us, so we took on the task of clearing the driveway and uncovering the cars in turn. (Yeah, I know. Ski lovers with no snow gear! We were caught unprepared with all our best snow gear stored in the Poconos.)

Meanwhile, there was a bird party on our deck all day. The bird feeder is a recent addition, which we hung in that spot mostly to entertain the cat. However, we were all entertained by the gang of birds who spent the day at that feeder and emptied it in just a few hours. Also fun was watching the cat leap at the glass every 10 minutes or so. She knew she couldn’t get them, but she seemed to love watching them scatter. They never went very far. They also knew she couldn’t get them!






Notice the pattern of little bird feet in the snow beneath the feeder!




Given the opportunity of an open door and the encouragement “Go get those birds!” — she declined.