Last week, students were off for a teacher in-service day, and I attended a day full of meetings and presentations. A day full of meetings will get me thinking – especially in report card season when I have a ton of work to do, and I can’t do any of it because I’m in meetings …

On this particular day, my mind wandered to blog posts. I already had two blog posts scheduled, but I was drawing a blank for the upcoming week. What could I write about?

On my breaks and in the spare moments between meetings (anybody buying that?), I decided to jot down some ideas for future blog posts. Problem was, I could only think of blog post topics I shouldn’t write:

Anatomy of a Meeting

Personality Types and Unexpected Jekyll/Hyde Transformations

How to Divert the Agenda in 5 Easy Steps

Pros and Cons of Installing Shock Buzzers in the Conference Room Chairs (And Who Gets to Hold the Trigger)

The Case for Settling Disputes with Slap-Down Mud-Wrestling

Optimal Duration for Beating a Dead Horse

I can’t write about any of these topics, for obvious reasons. 😀 However, you guys are welcome to expound on any of those topics – or share the topics you’ve thought about, but really shouldn’t write about!