A sinus infection has knocked me flat this week, so Gina is stepping in with a guest post, reviewing the newest book in her favorite series: The Worst Case Scenario Junior Edition. Read at your own risk!

The WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook: GROSS Junior Edition reviewed by Gina Salerni

This book will help you survive gross stuff like the school bathroom, avoiding bird poo, surviving a skunking, and lots more gross stuff! There are 4 different categories starting with The Human Body which includes How to Survive Bad Breath, Spit Talker, and Monster Sneezes.  Another category is Home which includes Gross Food, Hairballs, and Fly Infestations.  Also School is a category which includes tips on how to survive Gum Under Your Desk, the Water Fountain, and Lice.   The last category is The Wild Kingdom (Outdoors) which can help you survive roaches, ticks, and skunks!

Did you know that in every 1 pound of chocolate you eat you could be consuming up to 4 rodent hairs and 240 insect parts!  The government allows that!  If you read this book some secrets will be revealed about what could be in the pasta, peanut butter, potato chips, and pizza sauce you eat every day.

With this book you don’t have to worry if you sniff the air and it smells like death farted next to you until you realize it’s coming from your shoe when SPLAT! A steaming pile of bird poo falls from the sky on your shoulder.  With this book you don’t have to shake your fist at the sky asking why you deserved this!

Well, that’s a triple UGH as far as I’m concerned. Thanks, Gina, for brightening our day (?) and helping out your poor, sick mom!