Last week, I got a giant box full of CAGED GRAVES t-shirts, featuring the artwork of my daughter’s friend, Emily Hutchison. And I’m anxious to send them out into the world!

So, I’m going to give away two t-shirts here on my blog. And I’m also going to give away an ARC of the CAGED GRAVES, plus a t-shirt, over on Goodreads. You can enter for the t-shirts on Rafflecopter below this post. And you can enter the Goodreads giveaway by clicking here – and it’s also on my sidebar.
In other news, I’m about halfway through second draft revisions of THE EIGHTH DAY #2, and I’ve already knocked it back to 69k (from 75k). I think “word scything” is my favorite part of the writing process. I love taking an already completed draft and streamlining it, slicing unnecessary words and phrases, cutting sentences that repeat an already stated idea, and even killing a few darlings here and there. (As in, yeah, that was kind of cute but doesn’t move the scene forward; it’s gotta go.)
This weekend, I also got a really convincing recommendation to try Scrivener, and I’m considering it — even though I’m usually resistant to changing my way of doing things. However, I can see how it might be useful for planning out this 3-book series. For instance, looking ahead to something I want to happen in a later book, I realize I need to change the details of a particular incident. And that means finding every instance where it’s mentioned in the first two books and changing what I say. I’m given to understand that Scrivener could make navigating my manuscripts in search of particular details a lot easier. Does anybody want to weigh in on that?
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