Tokyo Gabbey and GinaLet me sum up.

Here’s all the stuff that happened while I was on blogging hiatus.

  • My husband went to Japan on business, and at the end of his trip, my daughters flew out to join him in Tokyo. There are several reasons why I didn’t go too, but there’s no point getting into them. Suffice it to say that they had the time of their life anime-ing themselves up, while I manned the fort and was the sole object of affection for one large dog and one small cat.
  • Don’t feel too sorry for me missing out on Tokyo because two weeks later my husband and I took a long overdue anniversary trip to Key West. There we enjoyed great food, jet skis, a sunset Rum & Reggae snorkel trip, Snuba (diving with your air supply attached to a raft), and tooling around the island on a scooter. I was a little nervous about riding on the back of this thing in traffic, but I pretended he was Riley and I was Evangeline and we were off to save Jax in The Inquisitor’s Mark. (At 30 mph, lol.)
  • Bob on MopedSpeaking of Riley, I stumbled across some fan art for Riley Pendare on Deviant Art. You can check it out HERE.
  • I made several school visits – real and virtual – and signed books at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival where I (briefly) met Jane Yolen and Kwame Alexander! I wish I had a picture of with them, but I don’t. You’ll just have to imagine it.
  • The Eighth Day was the 3rd place winner of the 2015-2016 Sunshine State Young Readers Award. Thank you, students and teachers in Florida!
  • As for writing, I revised a manuscript based on notes from my editor, almost finished the first draft of my WIP, plotted out some ideas for my next project, and jotted brief notes on a premise that came to me (but which does not have any characters or plot yet).

So what have you been up to these past few weeks?