On Thursday, December 17, my husband and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage.

In author interviews, I often get asked some variation of the question, “Who has had the greatest impact on your life?” My answer is always Bob Salerni.

He taught me to believe in myself. He taught me to ski. He thinks I’m pretty. He’s the father of my two beautiful daughters. He has taken me on many adventures around the world (and we have more planned). I would not be a published author without his encouragement, support, and sometimes outright pushing. He’s also the one who convinced me to retire from teaching when everything I loved about the job had been stripped away. He reads everything I write.

A picture is worth a thousand words … so thank you, Bob, for 21 wonderful years. These are just a small sample of our adventures together.

Honeymoon, Killington, VT

Honeymoon, Killington, VT


The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Magic Kingdom

Disney World, obvs



AquaSeas Tour

Snorkeling at Epcot

Bob and Dianne on boat

The Delaware Bay


The Sun Pyramid, Teotihuacan, Mexico

Bob and Dianne Southerndown

Southerndown Beach, Wales

Waverunner 1

Off Sanibel Island, FL – with a dolphin!

Bob and Dianne at Jack Frost

Jack Frost Mountain, PA

I love you, sweetheart! Looking forward to the next 21 years!