Today, I’m welcoming Angela Brown and Gwen Gardner, who both write about the paranormal. Their characters enjoy ghost whispering, shadow jumping, and other abilities. But that’s all fiction, right? They made the stuff up. That’s what writers do.

But what if…it was real? What if, the things our characters experience really happened?
So what’s real, and what’s not – and can you believe your eyes and senses?
Real Case #1
By Gwen Gardner
July 4, 2001. The night my dad died, I lived six hours away. I didn’t make it in time to say goodbye. It wasn’t completely unexpected, as he’d been ill for years. My mom didn’t want to sleep in the bed they’d shared, so I volunteered to sleep in their bedroom. The room faced the backyard. Curtains were drawn. It was completely dark when I crawled into bed. And I saw it – the flash of blinding light in the mirror. How did it happen when everything was dark? My research told me there was no explanation…
Real Case #2
By Angela Brown
My daughter has an RC car that had run dead, or so I thought. It was sitting in the living room. I was sitting in the living room. Suddenly, it does one of the voices in the car. Then it does it a second time. I’ve had two different people tell me it had to do with the last battery power and the wiring. Even still, it was weird as hell.
Real Case #3
By Gwen Gardner
July 7, 2001. Three days after my dad’s passing and I was back at work, in my office. “Gwen,” someone called. “What?” I yelled back. Our small company contained four offices and a conference room, so we habitually called to each other. Nobody answered my call. I ignored it. Once again the call came – “Gwen!” Once again I called back, “what?” No answer again. So I got up and walked down the hall, looking into every office as I went. Every office was empty. I looked again. I looked outside. I was completely alone. Who or what was that tinny voice that called out to me?
Real Case #4
By Angela Brown
Second hand story. My stepfather’s lady friend swears that after my mother’s passing, a lamp shook across the dresser and crashed to the floor. Was it my mother trying to relay a message?
Real Case #5
By Gwen Gardner
My daughter and I were sitting on our deck one evening, at around 9:00 p.m. It was rural and quite dark, except for a motion light on the corner of the house. The light came on, which drew our eyes. A human shadow passed through the light. The light went out. Our glowing eyes met through the darkness. “Did you see that?” my daughter asked. “Yes, I did,” I answered. We discussed the possibilities. An Indian friend later told us the land we lived on was once owned by the Kumeyaay nation (tribal lands were now a mile away), and that the spirits still lurked there.
So what do you think? Are those from beyond reaching out to us? Have you ever had a paranormal or supernatural experience you’d like to share?

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