road signI’ve always been a little puzzled by this road sign at the end of an exit ramp off Route 1 near my home.

There is no Russellville. There is no Forestville.

There are no towns 1 mile in either direction.

But there used to be. I finally got curious enough to look them up.

There was a tavern at the intersection of Newport Road (PA 896) and Limestone Road (PA 10) as early as 1737. A town grew up around the crossroads, which eventually came to be named Russellville. In 1823 Russellville had a population of one hundred with a sawmill, a hotel, two general stores, a grocery and a post office. There was alsoย a private school known as the Russellville Academy.

None of those places exist anymore.

Forestville (and the forest it was named for) are also gone. Apparently there used to be a blacksmith shop, a store, and a post office.

Poof. Gone. But PennDoT still puts up signs telling you how to get there.

(I’m kind of jealous Forestville had a post office. The town I live in doesn’t have its own post office. We were assigned the post office at Lincoln University, so my mailing address uses Lincoln University as the town name, even though it’s not a town, and I don’t live on the university grounds. Weird, huh?)

Do you have any historical leftovers where you live?