Three dots

See those three little dots to the right?

I hate them.

Those are the dots that Gmail uses to indicate “trimmed content.” And you know what trimmed content usually contains? My signature.

Gmail offers a signature line function which automatically puts a standard signature at the end of your emails. Mine is supposed to look like this:

sig line

But then, do you know what? After allowing you to automatically tack a signature line on the ends of your emails, Gmail then proceeds to clip them and replace them with the three little dots. Even on emails to people I have never contacted before!  I am not 100% sure, but I think this only happens when I email people who also have Gmail. But I don’t see why it’s acceptable at all. Why offer a signature line function if you’re just going to cut it?

The problem has been discussed on multiple forums, but in spite of numerous requests, Gmail refuses to address the issue.  In fact, it got worse. Now Gmail also clips typed-in signatures at the end of most emails. If I sign my message Dianne, D., or whatever, my name is clipped along with the sig line below.  Gmail will even clip closing phrases such as Thank You, and Sincerely — sending an email that ends abruptly and rudely.

What the heck, Gmail????

The forums I have searched suggest work-around solutions, none of which have been successful for me. The only thing I have ever found that works is going beneath my sig line and typing something there.  Sometimes I type a tagline for my upcoming book: Family ties can be deadly. Or a protest: Gmail, you better not clip this! Or sometimes just a row of smiley faces:   🙂                   🙂                    🙂

Extra effort so I don’t send a rude, unsigned email.

If I’m writing to a person I know and don’t care if the sig line is attached — just a polite signature — I try to get my name in at the end of my final paragraph, a sideways signature of sorts.

Looking forward to see you Monday!  ~ Dianne

Are there any other Gmail users who hate those three dots, or is it just me? And if I regularly email you and you were wondering what was up with the smiley faces? This is why.

Finally, Tyrean is the winner of a critique from Sharon Mayhew at the Manuscript Maven! Tyrean, I will contact you — or you can contact me, and I’ll set you up!