I want to thank Donna Weaver for passing along this blog award, which requires bloggers to look back over their blog history. It was a challenge to analyze and even guess a little at reactions to my blog posts, and I’m supposed to provide links to seven of my most superlative offerings.

MOST BEAUTIFUL: I only thought for a few moments about this one before selecting a blog post I didn’t even write. I’m going to bow out and award this title to my brother-in-law Larry’s salute to fallen comrades: Memorial Day

MOST POPULAR: According to Blogger stats, the most popularly viewed post is The Tooth Fairy Experiment with almost 8,000 views. I’m not sure I believe this, because some of Blogger’s stats make no sense at all, even though I still tip my hat at the way little Gina outwitted her clueless parents.

MOST CONTRAVERSIAL: Nobody ever breaks out into nasty fights at my blog, because my readers are a genteel, classy sort of people. (C’mon, you know it’s true!) Yet I did witness a slap-down in another forum on this topic, and some writers do have strong feelings on the matter: What is the proper way to use Dialogue Tags?

MOST HELPFUL: Well, I have no idea which blog posts are most helpful unless you come back and tell me, but I thought this guest post over at Bring More YA to PA was pretty good: You Can Lead a Horse to Water – but you can’t make your character do something out-of-character.

MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL: Again, I’m going on questionable Blogger stats for this one, but I have no idea why Situation Comedy Situations gets so many hits, considering I wrote it late at night in desperation because I had nothing significant to say.

MOST UNDERRATED: I find that a lot of my historical posts overall get little response, but I think it’s important we remember where our current modern society came from, lest we make the same mistakes over and over again: 100 Years to Forget

MOST PRIDE WORTHY: There’s nothing to be more proud of then a community of people who have never met in person coming together to support one of their own. I was very proud to be a part of the Lenny-Lee-Fest in support of a super-terrific kid: Top Ten Reasons to Love Lenny

Now I’m supposed to pass this along to 7 other bloggers, who can take up this link-back challenge or decline as they wish. (I won’t be offended!)

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