Has this ever happened to you?
You’re at work or at a party. Someone asks you about your writing and then quickly follows up with: “Can you give me a quick tip on how to get published?  … get an agent? … get a blog started? … write a book?”
And you’re thinking: “A quick tip? A quick tip?”
If you’re like me, you’ll start to explain the whole process – the long journey, the hard work, the research, making the connections and reading the blogs.  And if you’re like me, you’ll see that disappointed face looking back at you.
It’s as if they want you to say: “Oh! To publish a book, just press F13 on your computer. It will upload directly to Amazon, and a Bat Signal will be sent out to agents, who then will flock to your doorway!”  But instead, you have refused to tell them the location of the F13 Button, just out of professional jealousy.
In the years since I first published a book, I’ve only had a couple people take my advice, buckle down for the hard work and professional research that must be done to make any progress in the writing world.  Everyone else seemed irritated by the lack of a F13 Button.
What do you do, when somebody asks you for “a quick tip?”  How do you break the truth to them and … um, not sound like a jerk?