I went shopping for a new handbag this weekend, my second new bag in 2 weeks. When I got home, I threw the previous new bag in the back of my closet, then did a double-take. That was a pretty big pile back there!

As you can see, I’m not a designer handbag type of gal. I buy them cheap, because I know they won’t last long.

When my children were small, I favored sack bags, because they carry everything: a stuffed animal, sunscreen, a sippy cup, a granola bar or a baggie full of cheerios.

Husband reading blog over my shoulder: I miss you carrying snacks in your purse.

But although you can fit everything into a sack bag, you can’t find anything. So sacks drive me to organizers – with special pockets for all my items. Of course, these bags have their own problems. Let’s take that teardrop shaped one. I saw it in a catalog and ordered it right away, because it was designed to take painful weight off my shoulder and distribute it evenly across my back. Makes sense, right? Plus it had a total of 12 different pockets to organize all my belongings, including that clever one on the outside to hold an umbrella or a water bottle.

Of course, that pocket wasn’t wide enough to fit an umbrella or a water bottle or even a sippy cup. And 12 pockets meant that I had to look in 12 places before I found my car keys. As for distributing the weight of all my items across my back – that would have been brilliant, if it wasn’t for a little thing called GRAVITY. Everything ended up in the bottom, and who could have seen that coming?

I did find one purse in the bottom of the closet that actually looked pretty good. A pocket in the front for my cell phone, a special access pocket in the back for my wallet.

Me: Why did I quit this one?
Husband: You sound like you’re talking about old boyfriends!

I have to say a word about the Dooney & Bourke bag. Bob gave it to me one Christmas, and I know he was disappointed by my reaction. The sales clerk said his wife would be thrilled to get a DB bag, but as far as I knew, Dooney & Bourke was one of the shops Harry Potter visited in Diagon Alley. I tried to like it; I really did.

Husband: Sigh.

Here’s the bag I bought this weekend. It’s a Nine West bag, kind of cute with a cell phone nook in front and some pockets, but not too many. What’s cool about it is that you can unfold it to make it bigger, and then it’s a sack! I wonder how long it will last?

Ladies, what kind of handbag do you carry? And gentlemen, how do you commit yourselves to a wallet?

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