How superstitious are you? Would you walk under a ladder? Open an umbrella in the house?

What about urban legends? Would you pick up a hitchhiker on a deserted road? Stand in front of a mirror and invoke the name of Bloody Mary?

Yesterday was the release day for VERY SUPERSTITIOUS, a Month9Books charity anthology benefiting SPCA International, with stories based on urban legends, myths, tribal tales, and superstitions from around the world. The contributing authors are all YA authors: Shannon Delany, Jackie Morse Kessler, Stephanie Kuehnert, Jennifer Knight, Marianne Mancusi, Michelle E. Reed, Pab Sungenis, and me.

My story takes on the Bloody Mary legend. I have to admit I’m very superstitious about looking in a mirror in a dark room. It’s a habit ingrained from childhood when I was absolutely convinced that a vengeful spirit would claw my eyes out if I looked in the mirror in the middle of the night (and accidentally said her name three times).

In celebration of the release, I’m giving away a Kindle edition of VERY SUPERSTITIOUS. If you’d like to win, simply comment on this post and tell me what YOU’RE superstitious about! (Edited: I suppose I should give an end date, huh? How about one week from now — 10/23.)

For a much BIGGER giveaway, visit Cassandra Lost in Books where you can enter a Raffecopter giveaway for an e-copy of each author’s work and a physical copy of Very Superstitious.