I’ve been a little ridiculously busy lately, so I haven’t been getting around to other blogs as much as I like. I tried not to miss any WRiTE CLUB rounds, but I’ve been scarce everywhere else. Here’s a little update from all the Stuff Going On:

Ready to cut words.
  • Report Cards and Parent Conferences – I had a ton of student work to mark in order to complete my grades, but I got it all done with time to spare and had my grades entered online a few days early. Parent conferences started last week and continued through to this Monday, which included spending two evenings at work.
  • Contract – I signed my contract with HarperCollins and got all the due dates for the three books. Revisions for book one are due in a few weeks (and just like the report cards, I will consider myself “behind” if I don’t have them finished early). I don’t have any publication dates yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.
  • Revisions and Outlines – I am well into my revisions for book one and also working on outlines for the other books in the series. For those of you interested in numbers, I need to take a 77k manuscript down to 65k, while still adding a few new things to it. (Cue Requiem music while I don my Grim Reaper robe and bring out my Word Scythe.)
  • The Spirit Game Movie – I’m only peripherally involved in this, but it’s still very exciting. Filming for the 7-minute film short based on We Hear the Dead started Monday. I did get a chance to review the script (and suggested a line change, which they made – go me!). I’ve got some information on casting which I can’t talk about yet, but hopefully I can reveal all and share photographs very soon.
  • Teaching – In spite of all the exciting happenings in my writing career, my employers, my students, and their parents still expect me to show up every day and teach for several hours. Luckily, I’m about to start my students on one of my favorite literature units (science fiction) and history units (the American Revolution), and I am also getting a kick out of reading The Eighth Day manuscript to my class. Last week I received a compliment that was better than any good review I’ve ever gotten. One of my students said, “I’d totally play this at recess.”

I am really lucky my family supports me as much as they do or I’d never be able to manage all this and I would have have vanished from the blogging scene entirely by now. My husband and daughters do SO MUCH around the house to give me time to write (and blog).
Sorcia, I can’t say the same about you. You’ve been slacking off, and your breath stinks. WHAT did you eat?

And the new lizards. Zeus and Pandora. Can’t say they’ve helped out much. I keep running upstairs to see if you’re okay. STOP turning brown, you two. You’re supposed to be green.