I’m thrilled that I am now allowed to share this Behind-the-Scenes video about THE SPIRIT GAME, the short film based on my book WE HEAR THE DEAD. This was a fascinating glimpse into the production, and I have to thank Amy Green for prominently mentioning my book as the inspiration. It is exciting to see an actor like Charles Shaughnessy enthusiastic about the project and to hear actress Katie Boland talk about the role of Maggie Fox, the main character in my book. I was also very amused to hear Liberty Ross talk about Leah Fox in a personal way. Some people might consider Leah to be the villain of my book. Clearly, Liberty understands she is more complicated than that.

And, having seen director Craig Goodwill’s films PATCHTOWN and ARTIST UNKNOWN, I can’t wait to see how he visually conceives this project. I’m sure it will be stunning.

Along with the video, I also got my first look at the official movie poster this weekend. See my name at the bottom, next to the director’s name?  Another squee-able moment.

BHS TSG copy from Craig Goodwill on Vimeo.