Yeah, I was thinking about quitting. Or at least taking a hiatus.

For the past couple months, I’ve had trouble coming up with blog topics. I started wondering if I had already covered every writing topic I was qualified to write about. I’ve been falling behind in reading blogs, too. My Feedly list is kinda long.

And I was a little bit grumpy this weekend because the latest chapter in my WIP was falling flat. I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with it — just that what should have been an exciting chapter had turned out trite and remote. As if the the MC was keeping his distance from the reader.

In an effort to avoid the problem, I opened Feedly … aaaand there was that long list of neglected posts waiting for me. Too much guilt! My cursor hovered over the Mark All As Read button. Then I spotted Marcy Hatch’s post Building Better Characters. I thought, why not?

West of ParadiseMarcy’s post on finding a third level of emotion showed me what was wrong with my chapter and what I need to do to fix it. Blogging wins again!

Together as writers we have a wealth of information, strategies, and insights. Giving up blogging just because I’m struggling a little for post topics right now would be silly. Today, one of my best blogging friends gave me two things I needed: an insight into what was wrong with my chapter — and a blog post.

Go read Marcy’s post.

While you’re at it, buy her book!

West of Paradise