Dear Characters of my WIP (working title: VOLTAGE):

You are hereby invited to attend the climax of the book, expected to begin approximately 20,000 words from now. I wanted to give you plenty of advance notice, because I am anticipating the climax will consist of several climactic scenes which may require rigorous activity, convergence of multiple plot lines, and the death of one of you.

At this point, I can’t give you a precise timeline for the event(s). I’m not sure about the order of the planned activities, nor even if they make any kind of logical sense. I am pretty sure I have some of you booked in multiple locations at the same time. However, I’m hoping we can work that out as we go, and I know you’ll all improvise as needed. (Heaven knows, you haven’t followed the script so far, and I don’t expect you’ll start doing so now.)

As for the death, I cannot name the victim, but I’m sure you all can guess who it is. At this point, I have not worked out a method of dispatch, so I am open to suggestions from all of you. Please feel free to pester me with possible scenarios while I am trying to concentrate on my day job.

I know we had a rough beginning and re-wrote the first 20,000 words three times before we took off running. But, in the end we persevered and even had some fun along the way. Remember the Just Kiss Already Blogfest?

Anyway, with the light at the end of the tunnel a dim twinkle in the distance, I’d like to say that I enjoyed working with you – and look forward to revising your story in the future – multiple times.

At your service,
The Author