Yes, I am blood kin to this face.

I know I’m not the only writer who suffers from confidence issues — because I read about this on everybody else’s blog, too. There are times when the path seems too hard, too steep, too twisty, and I don’t feel up to the challenge.  I end up whining a lot to myself, putting myself down, and making up excuses why this (no matter what this is) is never going to work.

One of my strategies for dealing with the problem is writing all my complaints down, no matter how whiny they sound.  Then, a more rational part of my brain responds to each and every complaint.  After awhile, Inner Crybaby looks pretty silly, even to me.

Here’s my latest batch:

This WIP is a horrible mess.  My world-building is sketchy and inconsistent.
That’s what Drafts 2-5 are for: finding all the inconsistencies and working them out. You had the same problem with tangled clues in CG and technical details in V. You worked them out in later drafts.

I’m not used to writing stories like this.  I should never have attempted a new genre.
Because no one ever improved their craft by trying something new, right?

The word count is out of control. It’s a bloated monster.
Then it’s a good thing you know how to wield a delete key.  There’s plenty of things that will need to be cut, and you may even have learned a thing or two from your Clarion editor on the matter.

I was crazy to set the climax in a famous location I’ve never seen in person.
That’s why your darling husband is taking you there this summer. Give him a big kiss.

What if I get there and discover events can’t possibly take place as planned?
Change your plan to fit the place.

I don’t have the expertise to pull off an armed showdown between the good guys and the bad guys.
You’ve got a retired federal officer on Phone-a-Friend.  Larry offered to help.  He just wants a map, photos, and a run-down of resources on both sides.  He’ll plot a tactical solution AND help you with all the gun stuff.

But it’s gonna be hard!!!!
Ah, now that’s the real problem, isn’t it.  The truth comes out.

My Crybaby List always ends this way.  I want it to be easy.  And it’s never going to be easy.  But it might be manageable.

Do you have something to add to the Crybaby List?  Make your complaint in the comment section, and I’ll respond with Rational Brain!