Anybody feel a bit of shock and disorientation upon completion of a draft? As if you’d just emerged from some kind of cave – or more accurately, an alternate universe? And you wonder what’s been going on while you were away …

Well, in my case:

Weeds large enough to eat me grew up in front of our neighborhood sign – which is on our property and which I am responsible for tending. Ooops.

Laundry may have piled up. A bit.

The neighbor asks why my husband has a rental car instead of his truck, and I say, “Um … I’m not sure.”

The downstairs patio area was cleaned up and redecorated without any help from me. (Now, that was a nice surprise, but I do feel a little guilty.)

But I think the strangest thing is this sense of loss. I know most people celebrate completion of a draft, whether it’s the first or the seventh. I always feel as if I just lost my best friends. It’s not as if I don’t have anything else to do (like pay attention to my house and my family), but after the thrill of rampaging through the climax and having it all work out as I (sort of) planned, typing THE END is a bit of a let-down. Anybody else experience this?