snowflake-imageIf you read Monday’s post about my struggle with my WIP, you might not be surprised to hear I’ve been looking at strategies for outlining. However, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’re probably shaking your head, saying, “Again? Dianne, you know that never works out for you.”

I’ve tried all kinds of planning techniques in the past: bullet points, character interviews, three-act structures, detailed scene notes. Once, I even outlined a story backward – from the ending I planned to the beginning I wanted — by asking myself, “What would have caused this?”

(I did write that manuscript, but the only parts that resembled the outline were the beginning and the end! Everything else changed!)

I’m not outlining BRANEWORLD. I’m still trudging through a dark forest on that one, with only a dimly conceived destination in mind. But I want to have something waiting in the wings if, no when I finish the draft. So I’ve decided to do preliminary work on a completely different project, a historical mystery along the lines of The Caged Graves, except set in 1930s Hollywood.

This time I’m trying The Snowflake Method, which you can check out HERE.

It keeps me busy and out of trouble while I wait for my editor’s revision letter on The Eighth Day #3. And it keeps my mind off everyone going Back-to-School – which, for the first time since I was 5 years old, does not include me. <Sigh.> I’m a little conflicted about my feelings on that.

However, I can celebrate the arrival of fall with a Back-to-School giveaway! Come back on Friday to learn more about THIS: