• Next Monday, school starts for my children and for my former teaching colleagues, but not for me. This is the first time I haven’t started school in the fall since I was a kindergartner. To distract me from this major life change, my husband suggested I do something I wouldn’t normally be able to do, and I said, “Yes!” (I’ll tell you about it next week.)
G&G 2014

Both my daughters will be in high school this year. How did that happen?

  • Don’t forget the Back 2 School YA Giveaway. One winner gets ALL 8 books. CLICK HERE.
  • When I wrote about outlining with the Snowflake Method last week, I was surprised how many die-hard pantsters responded. I’m a pantster at heart, too. Outlining is more like an exploration of an idea, to see whether or not I really want to write it. I learned something important, though. Step 1 was to write a one-sentence summary of the book. I couldn’t find a way to make my main character the subject of the sentence without having it sound passive. I suddenly realized: I chose the wrong main character for the story!!! This is someone else’s story — and I need to re-envision the whole project!
  • On the subject of being a hopeless pantster, I’d like to share with you a favorite line I wrote for BRANEWORLD last week:

Regrettably, the only viable plan would require using her favorite human as bait.

What I love about the line is this: I have no idea what the plan is! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! (I hope the details are shared with me soon …)

  • One of the vice presidents of my husband’s company bought 5 copies of The Eighth Day, which he then gave to his son and his nieces and nephews. (Wasn’t that a nice thing for him to do?) Last week, his son went into school to take Accelerated Reading tests for his summer reading credit and discovered The Eighth Day was one of the AR tests available. Awesome! And he passed. Even better!
  • And for my final bullet point: A reader sent me fan art. Fan art! Is that not the most awesome thing ever?
Eighth Day fan art by Kat

Jax, Evangeline, and Riley ~ by Kat